Who we are

EKIP Training and Consulting is a proactive training and consulting solution to help you discover the full potential of your work teams. EKIP offers quality services to design, develop and deliver customized or existing leadership and training programs which positively impact the results you want to achieve. EKIP also offers consulting in the area of individual and team personality profiles to help harmonize work relationships.

EKIP is accredited by Personality Insights Inc. to train and certify consultants, coaches and trainers in the DISC Model of human behaviors.

EKIP Training and Consulting was founded by Francine Provost in 1987 under the name Provost Management Consulting. In 2005 the name was changed to EKIP Training and Consulting to reflect the firm’s new orientation and activities.


Helping teams and leaders discover, strengthen and develop their competencies through high quality development tools.


To help your teams achieve their fullest potential, to inspire each person we meet to want to learn a bit more, and to be the key to your success!


EKIP Training and Consulting wants to be a source of inspiration for each member of your team. We bring the following essential values to the workplace:

  • Quality Relationships
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism