A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

This year, give the gift of learning and understanding, Inspiring and supporting the ones who are important to you.

The Holiday Season is supposed to be a time of great joy. Party invitations, gift exchanges, festive decorations and Christmas carols all contribute to an air of celebration and harmony. While that’s true, sometimes, the hoopla surrounding the holidays highlights darker moods and even conflict. Rather than embracing the spirit of the season, you may find yourself dreading the idea of interacting with certain family members. Instead of trying to avoid them and stress over it, try something different: learning and understanding why people are sometimes difficult for you.

Here’s an idea for a gift that could bring you and them great learning and better understanding, as well as being inspired to support one another.

For the 2017 Holiday Season, offer a DISC personality profile. Until December 25, you can purchase a Discovery Report at a 15 % discount.

You can also maximize the learning by adding a one-hour personalized DISC Report Analysis session with Francine Provost (Certified DISC Master Trainer) for as little as $99+tx. This session will help you understand what the differences in style mean and how to use it positively with your family and friends. When filled out, the report provides insights into why people behave in a certain way as well as guidance on how to positively interact with them.

Christmas is a time of goodwill. What could be better to give than a gift that helps people understand each other and get along?

As an added bonus: buy two or more detailed reports (30 pages), you’ll receive a FREE Relationship Feedback Report on similarities and differences PLUS a 30-minute analysis delivered by phone by Francine Provost.

To enjoy your discount and bonus, please enter Promo Code “Christmas2017 no later than Dec 25th! on any of the Discovery Reports and the DISC Report Analysis Session.

Happy Holidays from the EKIP team!


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