Give Impact and Credibility to your Emails!

Do you want:

  • To give impact to your Emails?
  • Save time by composing short, precise and effective Emails?
  • Avoid having to send a second Email because the first one wasn’t clear to the readers?
  • Avoid embarassment?
  • Project professionalism  in all your Email communications?

Here is an essential tool to help you.


This indispensible English-French EBook is full of advice, tips and practical exercises on the presentation, tone, style and netiquette. 

For example:

  • Write a clear and significant Subject
  • Use a complete signature
  • Eliminate long windedness

Read it! Test your on line skills with novel exercises and recommend it to your colleagues and friends

The authors of Give your Emails Impact and Credibility – Margaret Caines, Lucie Chartrand and Francine Provost – combine more than fifty years of experience as professional trainers and experts in business communications skills.

“We have learnt that today, our learners have a common need – the need to write Emails that are read and immediately and clearly understood; Emails that will help build and maintain good working relationships, clear Emails that go straight to the point and are designed for busy people. We have written this book to give your Emails impact and credibility.”


 Not sure yet? Take a look inside and review the tips and exercises that will help you become a true email PRO.  peek

Add Impact and credibility to your Emails right now!

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